Monday, February 4, 2008

CHS Academy Newsletter

The CHS Academy has been busy over the past several months. Many different activities and experiences have helped our students become responsible citizens within our community. Below you'll find several pictures of events from the first semester of the 2007-08 school year.

Holiday Food Drive

The CHS Academy Sophomores decided to help those in need during this past holiday season. The sophomores were able to collect over 600 lbs of canned goods for the Monument Crisis Center.
The sophomores also worked with the Marine Corps Reserves of Concord and participated in the Toys for Tots campaign which collects toys for children whose families are not able to afford gifts. Our sophomores collected 120 toys for needy boys and girls, very impressive!

Stonebrook Holiday Party

The CHS Academy Juniors held a holiday party for the elderly residents at Stonebrook. The students enjoyed interacting with the residents and spreading some holiday cheer. The students planned fun activities for the afternoon including an arts and crafts activity, jeopardy, casino games, entertainment, and some holiday inspired snacks.

Eric Castano is hamming it up with some of the lovely ladies of Stonebrook.

Bri and Michael were two of the leaders that helped coordinated the entire party.

Lizbeth did an awesome job entertaining everyone that afternoon.

Winchester Mystery House

Ms. Lee's Academy English classes visited the former home of Mrs. Winchester while studying gothic literature. Supposedly the Winchester House was designed by "spirits" who gave Mrs. Winchester some pretty crazy ideas on how to build her home

Ryan hiding in a door to nowhere.

One of the weird rooms in the house.

Korrine, Monae, and Jessa posing on the grounds of the Mansion.

Etiquette Dinner at Coco's Restaurant

The CHS sophomore taking the Career Transitions Class participated in an etiquette dinner at Coco's Restaurant in Concord. The students learned about how to properly set a table, which fork to use, proper silverware technique, and how to be polite. The sophomores really enjoyed the evening. It gave them a chance to dress up and have some fun together outside of the classroom environment.
Over 20 students attended the evenings activities. It was so much fun seeing the students dressed up in nice outfits.

Fall Fest at Silverwood Elementary School

This Fall the CHS Academy Juniors, while learning about childhood development in Psychology, were invited to plan and coordinate a festival at a local elementary school. The Academy students planned 4 indoor activities and 4 outdoor activities for 150 elementary students. It took a lot of planning and preparation and everything went off without a hitch.

Maleta painting some cool things on a student's face.

Danni teaching the students how to make hand turkeys

Bri guiding the kids through GIANT TWISTER!

Jeremiah was quite the hit among the students at Silverwood.

Marine Team Building Day

In late October the CHS Academy Sophomores and Juniors completed a team building exercise put on by the Marine Reserves base in Concord. The Academy students learned about team work and what can be accomplished when they work together. It was a great lesson to learn at the beginning of the year which they will be able to draw upon throughout their sophomore and junior years.

Beau seeing how many pull-up he can muster up

Spencer is holding strong

Daniel got a little muddy!

Eagerly waiting for the jump in the puddle of mud

Shaun bear crawling

Michael and Jessica working together to get the tire down the field.

It defiantly takes a team to pull this armor plated Hummer.

This team was able to keep dry.

A's Game Fundraiser

As a fund raiser for the Academy the Oakland A's allowed us to keep a percentage of profits from all the tickets we were able to sell to the last regular season game of the year against the LA Angels.

Mr. Villars enjoying the afternoon.

Mr. Ryan taking in all the action.

The view from our seats.

Friday, September 21, 2007

Psychology Team Building

This past Thursday our Academy Junior class took part in some team building exercises. To start off the day we conducted a few experiments to test some theories on learning. Some of the students ended up getting a little wet in the face! Then we did some exercises which gave the students a specific task. To accomplish these tasks the students had to trust each other and rely upon their classmates. This will be extremely helpful for the juniors as they will coordinate several large projects throughout the school year which will require them to trust and depend on each other.
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This group did a great job, they were able to do the activity with 8 people!
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The students need to rely on their classmates in order to stand up.
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Trying to escape the Human Knot!
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Thursday, September 20, 2007

Pictures from the Academy

Our Fearless Leader Ms. Curtis
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The Juniors in their Zoology class with Mr. Ryan
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The Sophomores in their English Class with Ms. Boysen
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The Senior English Class with Ms. Lee
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The Seniors in their Sociology Class with Mr. Villars
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Thursday, September 13, 2007

Senior Team Building (Ropes Course)

The CHS Academy had an awesome outing this past Thursday. Thirteen seniors took a little trip to Lafayette and were able to navigate the high ropes course. The team building exercises were a lot of fun and everyone who went enjoyed their experience. Hopefully this activity will bring these students together and teach them how to cooperate and be team players. Enjoy the photos.

Josh and Angela made it to the top!

Maggy and Emily did a great job!

Richard and Harlyn really helped each other out all the way up the ladder.

The whole crew "keeping it real"

A group working on a trust activity

Getting ready for the leap of faith

Going through the Spider Web, don't wake up the Giant Spider!!!

Mellisa going through the "Spider Web"

Sara and Tia teaming up trying to climb the giant ladder

James and Marc did an awesome job using teamwork to climb the ladder