Thursday, September 13, 2007

Senior Team Building (Ropes Course)

The CHS Academy had an awesome outing this past Thursday. Thirteen seniors took a little trip to Lafayette and were able to navigate the high ropes course. The team building exercises were a lot of fun and everyone who went enjoyed their experience. Hopefully this activity will bring these students together and teach them how to cooperate and be team players. Enjoy the photos.

Josh and Angela made it to the top!

Maggy and Emily did a great job!

Richard and Harlyn really helped each other out all the way up the ladder.

The whole crew "keeping it real"

A group working on a trust activity

Getting ready for the leap of faith

Going through the Spider Web, don't wake up the Giant Spider!!!

Mellisa going through the "Spider Web"

Sara and Tia teaming up trying to climb the giant ladder

James and Marc did an awesome job using teamwork to climb the ladder

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